Our Story

Our company is strictly based on the belief that fashion shouldn't be a luxury. We believe that everyone should and always love themselves. After shopping for pieces of jewelry and clothing ourselves at other retailers and paying a fortune. We decided to provide the same quality products but at a fraction of their cost to our immediate family, and our customers who will eventually become our family. How do we do it? We contacted the same suppliers who supply these items to other major retailers, and we were able to figure out a way to cut the "middlemen" part out of the picture. The part which only increases the cost of these products by the time it gets to you. By doing this, we are able to cut the prices by a fraction and forward those savings to YOU! We will be giving more discounts and other unbelievable offers on top of our retail prices to our members only, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for the DEALS! 
We will be frequently updating our products and features to provide you with everything you want and need to look your BEST! 
ps- At Lace Outfitters, we treat everyone like our family. You can always email us your feedback and we'll reply to you regarding ANYTHING in less than 24 hours.